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Stanley, as a LONG-BONG flagship, with its height of 1420 mm and weight of 13,5 kg is undoubtedly one of the biggest bongs in the world. Each final product contains its own serial number and is a unique piece of art due to the handmade production. Stanley is fully demountable, ensuring fast and easy cleaning – a feature which hygiene-addicted people will appreciate. Thanks to anti odor cover lids you can have it proudly exhibited in your interior. Stanley pushes the limits – it is our most luxurious bong crafted with utmost precision and care, all topped with perfect attention to detail. Simply said – it never goes out of fashion. Become one of its proud owners. Free yourself with the biggest bong in the world. More info…

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Main characteristics:

height 1420 mm (55.9″)
weight 13,5 kg (29.8 lbs)
water volume 8,3 l (US 280 fl. oz)
total weight 21,8 kg (48.1 lbs)
used materials crystal glass, borosilicate glass, aluminum alloy, stainless steel
delivery time – Europe within 5 days
– USA, Canada and Mexico within 8 days
– other countries within 15 days

Package content:

– fully demountable bong with unique serial number
– mounting kit (screws, Allen keys)
– 2x antiodor cover lids
– 3x hygienic mouthpiece – black, white, blue (dishwasher washable)
– bong bowl with replaceable steelscreens
– 10x steelscreens
– cleaning kit (2x custom-made brushes)
– 2x clipper

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